About Me

Now, this is a story all about how
my life got flipped – turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
just sit right there
I’ll tell you how we became  first time home owners and DIYers

As much as I would love to write this whole section adopting the words of The Fresh Prince, I don’t think I was blessed with the musical talent to. After all, my Clarinet playing career was abruptly ended from serious lip splinters in 5th grade, yes I was that bad! And  I am aware that the last line does not rhyme but I needed to make it relevant somehow!

From the 1000 blogs I have read, I always enjoy reading a little about the writer, it makes them feel more personal and strangely I feel like I trust them. So here is a little about me and my life…

Who Am I?

My name’s Ariana, and my partner in life is Jason. I grew up in Massachusetts and attended University in Rhode Island. I am currently working for a finance corporation, but my passion lies within creating things and helping others.I love love love to have fun, and I know that sounds so cliche. But to be honest, working in the corporate world really makes you appreciate your life outside of work. I am constantly reminding coworkers “you work to live, not live to work”. I’m a firm believer in expanding your horizons and getting out to see the rest of the world. That’s why I am so grateful I stumbled upon Jason- he loves spontaneity and traveling!

Jason is from Oxford, England but now lives here in Massachusetts with me, obviously. He was an Elementary School Teacher in England but now he works with a sports company in the corporate offices. He is a keen sportsman who enjoys everything to do with football (he refuses to convert the to American term of Soccer), playing, watching, talking about and talking about some more. He also makes me into a Golf widow during the summer months, who knew a sport could last 6 hours!

Why am I only starting to blog now?

Now my Mom is a blogger and uses social media often to promote her own company and she has always encouraged me to create a blog, apparently people would enjoy reading and relating to aspects of my life!

However up until now I have never had a desire to blog or even the slightest clue what I would even blog about. Ever since we got in to a situation where we knew we were close to affording a house and attending 1000’s of open houses, I was intrigued about ideas for renovating our own house when the time came. This led to my infatuation with HGTV and Joanna Gaines’s country style and an urge to do as much work as I can myself, with some help from Jason! Pinterest was the starting point for my research and after the more I read the more I realized that, “if all of these people can do it then surely I can”. So upon finding the perfect little house to start our lives together, along with it was also the perfect opportunity to begin my blogging life about something I am 1000% passionate about.

A short background story on Jason and I

I will give you the shorter version, not the one my mom obsessed over-spending hours oohing and aahing over all the details. A few years ago, I was on vacation in Vegas with a few friends for my step-mom’s 40th birthday. Jason was there celebrating him graduating college with some friends from England (Yes the English fly 12 hours to go to Vegas, crazy I know!) One night my group of friends decided to go out to Carnival Court, which is an outdoor bar on the strip, I highly recommend visiting if you happen to be in Vegas, it’s great fun and a change from the posh and expensive hotels.

Side Track…

Something interesting / spooky / weird or simply logical because we were in the same place but this picture was taken by one of Jason’s friends earlier on in the night before we knew each other existed. I’m the girl in the Yellow dress stood at the bar oblivious to my now lift partner stood 10ft away from me. 

Before we met


Although it did not take me long until I had spotted him and said to myself “I HAVE to meet him”.  Soon after (or so I remember- I had had a lot to drink) Jason’s and my groups of friends were mingling and dancing. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur- but I do remember saying goodbye to him, getting into a taxi with my friends and we each flew home thousands of miles away from each other. I remember thinking to myself, “would I ever see him again?” However a few weeks later (after some recovery time, those of you who have been to Vegas will know of the post Vegas recovery days!) we began texting. Texts turned to phone calls, phone calls turned to facetimes, facetimes turned to Jason booking a flight to Boston! This was our chance to see if we could make things work! And OMG how nervous I was driving to the airport to go and pick him up. It was weird, I felt like I knew him so well but I had only met him once, but the week we spent together was amazing. We visited New York City as well as Boston and poor Jason met all of my family, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins included, at once over dinner. A few back and forth trips over the next year (me to England twice and Jason to Boston again) led to Jason deciding he would move to the BEST country in the world- USA USA USA.

And now we love to wear matching Everton FC Christmas Jumpers (Jason would complain if I wrote sweater)  around the Christmas holiday…

Christmas Jumpers

PS… for those of you who do not know who Everton FC are, they are Jason’s favorite ‘Soccer’ team.

Oh and I like to pretend we’re Leo and Kate even though we’re skiing and not on a boat in the middle of The Atlantic…

Leo and Kate

He even took me to the French Alps to ski for a week… yes it was amazing and something we are doing again in January 2017… I will share some pics on our return.

However back to our story…

Fast forward another couple years from Jason moving here and we have just bought our first house together! I’m not sure when I grew up so much that I would be buying a house but I have. Actually at the time of writing this we are waiting for an issue regarding the property title to be sorted out, scary, but fingers crossed it all goes to plan and we move in at the end of June. 

We couldn’t be more excited! It is seriously the most fun thing to create a board on Pinterest with allllllll of your millions of ideas while at the same time watching Fixer Upper to pause and take notes on Joanna’s craft (this is 100% me and not Jason). All of the research, lists, and shopping trips are exhausting but exhilarating. It must be noted that my new favorite places to visit are antique stores, a 16 year old me would never have thought I would be saying that! Hopefully Jason’s dreams of building a Mega Deck like the ones on HGTV won’t kill our budget and we will actually have some money to complete most of my DIY endeavors. I will try my best to document all of our projects, so that hopefully our successes and failures will help others and maybe even inspire someone to take on a challenge themselves.

PLEASE provide me with some feedback, whether it be good, bad or ugly! Viva Las DIY!!!!

Night we Met

Much Love!

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