Inexpensive Christmas Decor Ideas!


Lesson Learned: My childhood love for glue guns is restored. 

Christmas is fast approaching, and I think I’m rushing it with my excitement! If you know me, you know I decorated for Fall/Thanksgiving back in early September. It must be the fact that I have my own house to decorate that is making me eagerly anticipate every new holiday season! The only damper on my Christmas spirit is that Jason won’t allow Christmas decor to be put up until December 1!!!! SCROOGE!

SO.. me being creative… I decided to prep for the holiday season by hunting down decor deals and making my own Christmas decor wayyyy before this date. That way, I have no hesitation when December 1st comes around and i’m allowed to get it all out! I also have to admit, due to this being our first Christmas in out first ever home we had no Christmas decor of, so I am also stocking up!! 

Here are some fun and easy ideas for Christmas Decor that I hope won’t make you feel like the Grinch has stolen from your wallet! Enjoy!




DIY Christmas Wreath

How many of you have walked around Pottery Barn and were in awe of the gorgeous Christmas wreaths?? I’m talking jaw dropped and practically drooling? BUT then you look at the price tag and your jaw snaps shut and you move on to the next store? Well.. it happened to me. One of my favorite Christmas decorations is a gorgeous wreath, but I’ve found they are too darn expensive! Soo.. yep you’ve guessed it.. I took it upon myself to make one for half the price.

Pottery Barn:                                                          Viva’s:

outdoor-ornament-pine-wreath-red-silver-1-c       962

I headed to AC Moore (basically like Michael’s) with coupons in hand. Please Please Please remember to always check sites like retailmenot.com for coupons. These craft stores ALWAYS have coupons, usually offering to take 50% off an item or two! And if you are a little cheeky and ask them they will run separate transactions so you can re-use that coupon multiple times!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glittered ornamental balls/holly (50 cents to $1; $6 total)
  • Glue gun/glue sticks (most of you already have one lying around!)
  • Pre-made green wreath ($6)
  • Spool of Large Ribbon ($3)

Total cost:  ~ $15 Vs. Potter Barn’s: $35+


  1. To start, map out where you will be placing each of the glittered items along the wreath. I tried to stick to a pattern of silver-blue-silver-blue, but obviously with an odd number of decor pieces it was tough! I made sure to leave a gap for the top where I would be placing a large bow.960
  2. Once you’re happy with the layout, fire up your glue gun. Move along the circle, piece by piece, gluing as much of the item to the greens on the wreath. If your glittered piece has a large wire, be sure to fold it behind the wreath.. or else it will be sticking out the back!959.JPG
  3. After your glue has dried (takes about a minute)..a good (and probably messy) test to see if you have glued everything sufficiently is to pick up the wreath and give it a little shake. If the glittered pieces aren’t wiggling too much, you’re good to go!
  4. Bow Time! So before I get started on this step, I have to complain about how expensive pre-made bows are! I was seeing prices $10 and up just for a single bow! So of course, I bought ribbon and figured I would make one myself. I made the mistake of buying non-wired ribbon, which apparently is harder to keep shape than wired. With the ribbon I bought, it was easiest to create a simple bow tie. If you have any questions on how to tie a bow tie, let me know! I can post a quick video of how to! I left extra length for each ribbon “tail” to hang in the center of the wreath.
  5. Once you’ve tied your bow, attach it with your glue gun. Then, trim your “tails” to size.
  6. Hang up and enjoy!



Christmas Mason Jars

These cute little mason jars make the perfect centerpieces.. on the dining table, coffee table, mantle, wherever you decide! They could also serve as great hostess gifts, for any of the holiday parties you might be attending. The materials were extremely easy to shop for and they were even easier to assemble. I will note, you just have to be willing to wait a bit for the paint to dry! Don’t worry, you can use this time to make the other projects on this page!!


I had come up with this idea after I had rummaged through Pinterest (as I usually do) for inspirational Christmas decor. I saw a few Red and Green painted Mason Jars for the holiday season, but thought they were lacking a wow factor. I checked a few online stores too (like Etsy) for similar items and was shocked at the prices! They were asking for nearly $10 per jar. Yuck. So of course I took it upon myself to come up with a better design in my head, that would still be affordable.

 Etsy:                                                       Viva’s:

All of my materials for this project were found at AC Moore! I bet if you shopped around for each individual material you could get the cost down further! This is why I love DIY.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Any acrylic paint, I went with Forest Green & Pure White ($1 each)968
  • Foam brush or any paint brush you have lying around
  • Burlap or Plaid ribbon ($3 for a long spool of it)
  • Raffia ribbon which came in three different colors!— Totally optional ($2)
  • 16 oz. Mason Jars $1 each
  • Glue gun!
  • Festive fake flowers/holly: $2

Total cost per jar: ~ $6 Vs. Etsy’s $10 per jar 


  1. Start out by removing any stickers from the Mason Jars and give them a good wipe down with a dry paper towel. This will ensure the paint will stick to the glass.
  2. Using a paint brush, paint on one layer of acrylic paint.
  3. Then onto the toughest part of the entire project- WAITING. You’ll need to wait about an hour for the first layer of paint to fully dry before applying the second coat. Trust me on this step, because Miss Impatient (me) made an obvious mistake of trying to apply the second coat too soon. What happened was I basically erased all the work I had done and took the first layer of paint off. So.. I learned how to apply the proper way!
  4. Once you’re ready, apply a thick second coat and let the paint dry. After about 30 minutes, check to see if your jar is sufficiently covered with paint. If not, apply another coat..If so, you’re ready for the next step!
  5. Wrap the burlap/ribbon around the center of the jar and cut to size. Make sure to leave about a centimeter of overlap- this is where you will place the glue.965.JPG
  6. Using the glue gun, apply a squiggly line of glue to the backside of the strip of burlap. I made sure to then glue and wrap the burlap around the center of the jar.974.JPG
  7. Apply some glue to the centimeter of overlap (backside of the burlap of course), and press it down. Your ribbon/burlap should be pretty secure now!
  8. Next, I tied some raffia ribbon around the entire Jar’s center. Again, this is optional, but I thought it gave a nice contrast in color and texture!976
  9. Finally, bend the wire at the bottom of your floral pieces to achieve a good height. You’ll want to test it out a few times to make sure it looks proportional to the jar.
  10. Now put them in a pretty spot!


Christmas Lanterns

I’ll admit, these lanterns took little to no time at all. I was planning on creating the lanterns from pallet and scrap wood, but I fell in love with the ones I found at Christmas Tree Shops. I think the metallic detailed top is what got me. So, I figure if I can save big time on the ornaments to fill the lanterns, I still win right??


I headed to the Dollar Store and found some great looking ornaments. I actually bought a few for my tree, and bought 3 sleeves of different colored bulbs to put into the lanterns. Of course, everything was a dollar, so I was happy! When I got home, I mixed two colors in each lantern, and boom. They were done!


  • Christmas Tree Shops Wooden Lanterns ($16 each) – I’m 100% positive these could be self made – next year I will try!
  • Dollar Store ornaments- I used 1 1/2 tubes per lantern ($3 total)

Total cost for two: ~$35  Vs. Store bought $35+ PER lantern!



Happy Holidays!!

Much love as always xoxo

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