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Living Room Decor Tour


So we have been living in the house for about 3 1/2 months and I feel we’ve done SO much. Who knew you could just about furnish a whole home in that amount of time AND not spend a ton?? Of course, we still have work to do and need to fill the rooms with a bit more decor.. but I decided I want to give an update on our most lived-in room: the living room!

Living Room Design.jpeg

If you know Jason and I, we love a deal. More emphasis on me loving a deal! It pains me to make any type of purchase without a coupon or coupon code! So… that being said, we did not have a huge budget to furnish our home and looked for any way to build/refinish items ourselves. I also tried my best to search for decor at a good price.

I hope that with this post it will either spark some inspiration for a DIY project, OR give you a good idea of where to find good decor for a good price! Please share any ideas and decor finds you have.. I am always looking for new stores to shop at!

To begin, let me remind you what our living room looked like when we first moved in.


Very very dark walls, and ugly blinds! This room was begging to be lightened up. With much research, I picked the perfect grey for the walls: Sherwin Williams Repose Grey.


Here is a picture I found on pinterest for some inspiration. I love the color scheme and was sort of going to copy it! Jason and I found that we were more drawn to Navy blue as an accent color, so you will see how I incorporated it throughout the room.

First we primed the walls and painted the ceiling to start with a fresh clean surface.

Living Room Paint.jpg
This was our second day living in the house, so please excuse the HUGE mess and boxes!!!

Once we had primed all of the walls, the next evening we set out to paint the walls. We used Sherwin Williams Paint and it worked fantastically. Also, fitting our savings’ theme, we bought the paint about a month before moving in. There was a big 40% off offer so I couldn’t pass that opportunity up!

Living Room Remodel.jpg

Once we finished painting, we focused our attention on the great big wall to the left. It was obviously in need of a TV and a mantle, and thanks to Jason’s mum our TV was a housewarming gift! The floating mantle was one of Jason’s many projects in the house.. you can read more on it here!


In this picture above, you will see:

  • our DIY Floating Mantle,
  • the TV, a present from Jason’s mum (Thank you again Janet!)
  • two rustic candlesticks we found from Christmas Tree Shops
  • Fall garland and pumpkins from Hobby Lobby
  • an AMAZING hand-crafted candle holder from my cousin Angela (Thank you again Angela)
  • a large basket and throw blanket from Home Goods (Thank you Auntie Cindy)
  • An old pillow I covered with a linen pillow cover from Hobby Lobby!
  • and a snippet of the corner shelf (details below)


Moving on to our right hand corner, you will see a corner shelf from Amazon. We found all of the frames and the decor pieces from Home Goods/TJ Maxx. One really cool trick we learned was how to spray paint glass. The white pitcher on the bottom shelf that looks ceramic was actually a glass pitcher we sprayed with Valspar white spray paint. We sprayed this pitcher and a number of other items we found for $1 at the Salvation Army! How cool are they??

Corner Shelf.jpg

Next up, we move to the left hand corner of our Living Room…


You will see our obsession with blue really comes out in this corner of the room. We needed an extra seating area, and found this accent chair on sale at Target! The blanket is from Home Goods (of course), as well as the ceramic vase. As for the fake flowers, I bought these at Michael’s. Make sure you print out coupons before you go there, they usually have a 40% off one item coupon. Also- a fun trick.. if you make a purchase at Michael’s they usually print out 1-2 coupons with your receipt. I patiently asked the cashier to ring up each flower as a separate transaction so I saved 40% on each item :). Smart eh??

In this picture you can also see a small section of the stair railing and carpet – this is on the to redo list. I hope to paint the spindles white and stain the rails to match the mantle.

Now, on to the side tables and couch/pillows. The white side table we found from at an Antique store “Eclectic Collections” in West Bridgewater, MA. I LOVE it there. It truly is a collection of pieces that different vendors have refinished and re purposed. I 100% recommend paying them a visit if you are ever in the area.

Side Table.jpg

As for the sofa, we found it at Jordan Furniture’s Pit area. It’s a nicer version of their clearance section! The navy pillows AND the other side table we found at… you guessed it.. Home Goods. Ha! They should probably pay me for all of these references!!

The lamp on top was one of the free gifts we received from the lady who gave us our wine bar and bedroom dresser . It was originally a light green color, so I simply used Blue Valspar Spray Paint to make it look as good as new. The lamp shade was found in a Christmas Tree Shops. The flowers are from Hobby Lobby (of course on sale), and the side table was from (ugh) Home Goods. I think I have an addiction.. I swear it’s lighter grey in person, the picture doesn’t do it justice.



Oh! Our coffee table! Our family friend was getting rid of their old blue hope chest. We took it on as our first DIY project; we cut the legs down and painted the entire thing white. We also found some hardware to add for decoration!


As for some other wall decor items… the World Map we found from We loved how it used navy blue.

World Map.jpg

Here is our mini gallery wall.. most frames were found at TJ Maxx/Home Goods.



Lastly, one of my favorites is our clock. Of course, no 2016 living room is complete without a clock. It was from.. you guessed agaaaain.. Home Goods.


Here she is coming home with us! Haha I had to share. 141

Finally, check out this before and after picture – I can not believe the transformation! Now we just need to add an area rug and a couple of other cozy items!


P.S. I would love it if you joined me on Instagram and Pinterest . You can stay up to date on all of my projects, decor ideas and sneak peeks! 

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