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Basement Renovation… Part 2


Welcome back!! For those of you who have been following our basement reno journey here is an update! For those who haven’t.. we’ll just sum it up as out basement has undergone a HUGE renovation. I think it is safe to say it’s close to being 100% complete.

First off, I want to apologize for the fact it has taken me a while to post an update on our basement. I also need to apologize because I posted the Paneled Wall and Wine Bar Make Over before Part 2. I was so eager and excited to share them that they took a higher priority (that’s how my brain works!).

A short recap for you all…

Here is a throw back to what the original basement looked like when we moved in… minus the furniture of course.

Those of you who have been on this journey with me know that I had a hard time dealing with the fact that, thanks to my sweet Jason, the basement demo started without much warning! I will provide just one picture so that you get a sense of what we worked with– I am trying to avoid bringing back up those memories! Demo Day.

Through this entire renovation, we we have tested and learned so many things. To name a few.. we learned how to hang dry wall, use joint compound to make the walls nice and smooth, patch sections in a floating floor, patch holes in the ceiling, create a paneled wall and how to remove a popcorn ceiling. A side note here- We did almost everything ourselves..especially the popcorn ceiling. We were quoted extortionate prices to have the popcorn ceiling removed, so I took it upon myself to do it alone. I will share that story with you when I get a moment!

We also had our electrician friend come in and install recessed lighting. He also helped move some power outlets around for us. Our carpenter friend also came in and helped us repair the half wall’s ledge which was damaged / removed during the bedroom wall demos. OH! and did I mention that I painted the ceiling and all of the walls as well?

I am exhausted just from writing all of that! I have not a clue how we managed to cram in all of what I mentioned and more in just over a 6 week period. It’s probably time for our big projects to slow down so that we can actually enjoy relaxing in our house. BUT I say that now… knowing Jason and I, who are a couple of the most impatient beings, we can’t sit still for very long. I’m sure we will soon be bored and feel the need to take on another large project.


Here is a good picture where you can see how open the basement is… the lighting is not the best because I was still in the midst of replacing the popcorn ceiling, and couldn’t yet install the lights. You can see the cans for the recessed lights hanging here. You’ll also notice the closet doors missing in the back, which we laid on the floor. I wasn’t crazy about their wood color, and figured we would paint them white to match the rest of the room.


The bedroom walls are 100% gone… I bet you wouldn’t have ever known there were even walls down here!!


Check out the paneled wall, I love it!! Can not wait for the T.V to be mounted and installed!! Still waiting to save up the $$’s to buy one though. Also, you may notice the flooring has been fully patched up here– just in need of a good clean up.


Aaand here’s a close up of the old dresser I turned into a wine rack- just the start of our wine bar area. You can view that transformation here.

Please excuse the lack of decorations, the basement is still a work in progress! (PS I am heading to Hobby Lobby/Home Goods this weekend hehe!)


We’re thinking of putting a cool area rug with coffee table in the sofa section of the room.

You can see the edge of the sofa to the left and the stairs to the right. The bedroom wall originally ran across just to the left of that hanging wire (which is for the thermostat). Luckily it is still warm here so the heating hasn’t been needed just yet.basement4You can see the closet doors have been put back on. Through that other door is the half bath / laundry room… Another project on my to do list!basement6 In between the sofa and the wine bar area Jason wants to buy (or create) a high-top pub table. Above the wine bar I will add 2 shelves… also on the to do list.

I am very aware that my to do list seems to be getting longer and not shorter even though we have tackled so many projects already. Most to do’s are smaller and simply finishing touches, with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom!

Fun fact: The wall colors for the basement were originally picked out for our kitchen (the lighter color) & my office (the darker color), but I thought they would look better down here. Thank god went together nicely!

Some fun details you might appreciate: 

The Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Versatile Grey
The Paneled Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Mink
The Sofa: Picked up on sale from Bernie & Phyls
Pillows: Free with the Sofa
Both Vases: Found at my fav- Home Goods

Much Love as always

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