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Dresser to Wine Rack Make Over



Lesson Learned: It’s now time to wine down…


Well well well.. let me tell you..I feel I have waited forever for this project to be started and finished!  I have wanted to create this wine rack since I got the free, yes free, bonus dresser from a sweet lady’s yard sale. She gave me this small dresser and my recently refinished bedroom dresser for the price of one!

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It is pretty safe to say I am absolutely in love with how it came out. I really do love Jason’s color choice, and for those of you who know him can also appreciate why he chose it (*cough* Everton *cough*). You see most of our house is pretty neutral in color, and I think this piece gives off a WOW factor and adds a good pop of color to the basement.

Okay now it’s time for the full story on how I (we) completed the project..

It began a number of months ago in my Mom’s garage. The below image was the dresser and hutch that I began with.. dresser-and-hutch

The first minor step was to remove the hutch, simply to fit it in my car. Undoing a few screws was all it took.

The first real step was to use paint stripper on the very top to remove any poly finishes and gunk. As always, I used Goof Off. I simply pasted it on with an old paint brush, and left it to work its magic for 10 minutes. I then used a paint scraper to remove all the lovely (nasty really) “gunk”.

Geeze, I look like I’ve had one too many Mimosas!


Next, I used TSP to clean the whole dresser, including the top which I had just stripped. Again, the TSP removed any grime that may have been left behind. Since I planned on staining the top (similar to how I stained the top of our bedroom dresser), I had Jason sand the top of the dresser with his orbital sander. I used a sanding block and some 120 grit paper to quickly sand the hard to reach sides and front.

I’ll try to avoid repeating myself, and let you read how to stain and finish the top in our bedroom dresser makeover! I followed the same exact steps for the wine rack!

Once the top was fully finished, I focused on the rest of the piece. To prime, the sides, I used my Valspar favorite spray primer.



What Primer

The next step was to build in 2 shelves where the bottom two drawers sat previously… I left this for Jason to do and as usual he didn’t take pictures! So the following picture was the best I could do to show the shelves. Let’s just pretend the first coat of paint was not applied yet!…Using some 1/4″ plywood cut the shelves to match the size of the dresser. Jason cut each shelf into 2 pieces, one for the left side and one for the right, in order for it to be more easily assembled. Jason  installed a single support piece down the middle of each shelf, while the existing drawer frame supported the outer edges of the shelves.

Since our dresser was deeper than most wine bottles, we decided to cut and install a small wood baton to stop the bottles from sliding too far onto the shelf.

Wine Rack6.jpg

For those of you who are eagle eyed, you will notice the location change.. the stripping, priming and the installation of the shelves were done in my Mom’s garage (before we moved into our house). Like I said earlier, the wine rack was a LOOONG process – not in terms of time to complete the project, but we had so many other projects in the house that took a higher priority!

Jason primed and quickly painted on the first layer of paint to the shelves before installing into the dresser so I didn’t have to squeeze in a brush to paint the shelves twice afterwards- so thoughtful! You can see he used wood filler to fill any gaps and create a smooth join.

At this point I applied the first coat of paint. I used a brush to get into all the corners and edges, and then a small foam roller over the flat surfaces. (Side note: I always try to use a foam roller to reduce the risk of brush marks)!

Now moving onto the “wine rack” portion..

To create the fronts to the bottle holders Jason used a leftover piece of MDF from our Paneled Wall project. We figured out the dimensions for how high we wanted each wine bottle to sit, as well as how spaced out each wine bottle would sit. We marked all of these dimensions on the piece of MDF. P.S. your piece of MDF will most likely be the length of the opening of your dresser!


He bought this funky looking drill piece from Harbor Freight to create the half circles which attached into his Ryobi Drill. He figured it would be easiest to create one giant hole, and later use a table saw to cut the piece down the middle to create half circles and 2 front pieces… Like so…

Please excuse our dirt-patched back yard…. it’s on the project to do list 🙂

I’m not sure if it needs saying but I will say it anyway, you will need to sand down the edges here. On the back of each MDF piece, Jason glued and nailed on a support brace which he used to attach the MDF to the shelves of the dresser. He used DAP glue which is great… it becomes tacky in around 30 seconds and fully hardens and cures in 30 minutes! It’s like super glue on steroids.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


Our plywood shelves were a bit shorter than the front edge of the dresser, so we had a small gap between the flush MDF and the dresser drawer holder (hard to explain!). Needless to say we used wood filler to fill the gap, and sanded it until it was nice and smooth.


Finally, the second to last step was to fully paint the dresser – the whole thing took about two coats. We used this funky blue color (Correct name is Revel Blue) in Sherwin Williams’ Pro Classic, Semi-Gloss. It’s great for painting furniture!


The final step was to add a coat of Polycrylic to the entire blue area to provide to protection.Oh! and of course the last and final step was probably adding gorgeous new hardware I stumbled across at Home Depot!

The the final, fully stocked (Minus 1 bottle–blame Jason!) wine bar
The hard liquor was left over from one of our house warming parties…

Thank you for joining me in this project’s journey! I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful!

Much Love as always

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P.S. If you have any ideas on how I can decorate the top of the bar I would love to hear them.


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