We’ve moved in!!!!

Yes you read that right, we have officially become adults and moved into our first home. I am sooo excited, we finally have our own space to do as we please and begin our DIY journey in making this house our home (so cliché, I know).

I have to confess that we actually moved in nearly 2 months ago (June 28th to be exact) but I have been super busy with my full time job, unpacking, organizing, DIYing (if that even is a word) and we had a vacation thrown in there just for good measure.

Jason is not one for pictures so here is the one picture he allowed of us on our moving in day.

We Moved In
I love it but please excuse our ‘comfortable clothing’. We are fond of sportswear on weekends.

We have started so many projects already (see them in our Project Gallery) and slowly getting to the finish line on a number of them. Hopefully I will have some posts up soon on our progress!

To kill some of the suspense, I have included a few pictures of our cute little house. I must admit these are stolen from the realtor’s listing. In future posts I will add my before and after pictures to really see the difference!

The Front…Front of House..

Front of House
Please excuse and look past the red trim… the outside will be really pretty next summer when we paint it.

The Living Room…

Living Room.jpg

Master Bedroom…Master.

This room feels cramped with all of their large chunky furniture. I will plant to make the room a lot more minimalist and add a large mirror to make the space feel bigger.


A small kitchen that just needs some updating… Painted cabinets and a new counter top. Praying this renovation will be cheap.
Living Room....
This shows the small area in the kitchen where our [newly refinished dining table] will go.

The Basement…

Basement bedroom

Currently a kid’s bedroom plus a wasted space that Jason wants to open up into one big “Man Cave”… Please don’t let him find out I used that term, he hates it.

Full Bathroom…

This is going to be a total gut job…the vanity is at a children’s height (hilarious to use) and the brown toilet is very dated.

Guest Bedroom 1 & 2…

Guest Bedroom 2
This single, smaller bedroom will be my closet / office.
Guest Bedroom 1
This larger guest room just needs some paint and a new light fixture.


Stay tuned for our future posts, where we will dig into the DIY’s we have completed and do a grand reveal of the home!!

Much Love

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