Where are our DIY posts?

I wanted to take some time to explain why this site is such a work in progress and why I haven’t posted projects just yet! I really don’t want to post much until we are in the house and things will be in their ideal location. You all need to see the projects from start to finish, and especially with pretty photos (as much as I hope and visualize!).

Our House Update

Sooo as of now we are waiting to move in. This may come as no surprise but it takes a verrry long time to purchase and move into a house. We are simply playing the waiting game until the closing date, June 28th which can not come soon enough!! As of today, it has been over 2 months from the day our offer was accepted and the home inspection being completed. Apparently my patience does not run as deep as I thought, and I was hoping we’d be in by now!  I will admit one thing, through this process I can totally relate to those people who say “buying a house is the most stressful thing”.

But hey- on the positive side it has bought me time to prep even more on all of the projects & blog posts. Hopefully once we have moved in and painted some walls I will have some finished blogs to post. I made a deal with myself that I would Pin & do as much research as I can now, while I have the time. I have also been seeking out and dragging Jason along to yard sales and antique stores for all of our materials! And did I mention I am ADDICTED to visiting antique stores. I am telling you, seeing Joanna rummage through junk on TV was somewhat appealing, but having actually done it myself it’s thrilling! I promise. One last thing to confess: trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot have already begun. I know we will be spending every waking minute of our free time making trips back and forth to the home improvement stores. I guess this period is just a practice run for us! We will have our routes down to a T!

Here’s a thought.. Maybe I could post a picture to explain the stock pile I have started at my parents’ houses. It really is a sight to see- all of the furniture and house items stacked in my Mom’s garage and Dad’s basement. It’s becoming quite the pile, so sorry Mom and Dad!! I will have it all moved out soon and you can have your space back!! I promise!

Dad's basement 2
Home Decor stock pile with my 2 fave Antique finds at the front! My bedside table (right) and a cute cabinet (left) for the living room. I’m not to sure where it will go but I will make it work, it was too good to miss out on!

Also, I hope you all appreciate my Dad’s Cartoon Mural on the basement wall. He’s too proud to paint over it even though my brother and I have since grown up! It does hold lots of fond memories for me though.

Dad's basement
My home decor stock pile
Mom's Garage
My Mom’s Garage turned my own Furniture workshop!
Mom's garage 2
My Mom’s Garage turned my own Furniture workshop!

I will keep you posted on our whereabouts, and will share our moving in day as soon as it happens!!

Much love!

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